For expectant mums about to enter the fray, those last few weeks of pregnancy drag don’t they?      You’ve done a test drive to the hospital, and now all you can think about is the way your life is about to change and how it surely can’t be possible for you to get any larger, because more people would mention their inability to get through doors wouldn’t they?

So here’s some hopefully helpful advice on five things to do as you count down to motherhood:

  1. Take a photo of your bump, or more importantly if you haven’t already, get someone else to take a photo of you with your bump. This time flies by so quickly it can be really easy to miss out on getting any photos of yourself fully hugely pregnant, which is worth recording. And if you can, get your partner in the shot with you, because I guarantee your kids in years to come will be fascinated by that photo, by the two of you, in that world before they even existed.
  2. Treat yourself, you are about to be more sleep deprived than you have ever been, for months, and (unless you are very lucky) months, and months. And while you can’t stock up on sleep, and more annoyingly, while heavily pregnant, you might be finding it really hard to sleep, you can enjoy some down time. Take a bubble bath, read a book right through from start to finish, get a haircut, paint your toenails (if you can reach them). If it feels self-indulgent, and reminds you that you haven’t emptied the dishwasher, you’re in the right place, stay there.
  3. Go on a few last dates. Book an intimate table for two at your favourite restaurant, go to the cinema together or the theatre (get an aisle seat in case you get kicked in the bladder once too often), take a road trip. If you have the time go on one last long weekend away. You can’t enjoy a bottle of wine, but soon you won’t be able to go out anywhere in public without a huge bag or six, and a request for a highchair, so make the most of some adult conversation and each other.
  4. Make a plan for your visitors. If you know you’re going to be overwhelmed by hundreds of friends and family members as soon as your baby arrives, you could try setting visiting hours, so that you can be sure of a few hours of quiet, or if you’re far from family and friends let them know what you might need for when they do make the trip (believe me, they’ll want to bring something). My husband jokingly mentioned on social media that any visitors to our house should bring food and it was the best thing we did, that and deciding to use paper plates on top of all of our normal plates for the first few weeks to avoid washing up.
  5. Stock up on a few things. By this I don’t mean stockpile breast pads like the apocalypse is coming (don’t do that, seriously, you might not even need them), but you’re not going to want to leave the house unnecessarily for a few weeks, so it might be worth making sure you have spare loo roll to last through, or some bottle of your favourite toiletries in case you run out. If you’re organised and have the freezer space you could even batch cook some meals so you don’t have to cook.

And there are countless other things you could be doing, of course there are. It might be nice to add, ‘mentally prepare yourself for motherhood’ to this list, but nobody seems to manage that.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog.

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Marie and Emma x

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