Emma and I were chatting about all the things you buy for your first baby while you’re pregnant and realised that we had both wasted money on stuff that we just didn’t need.

This gave me the idea for this month’s blog – 5 Baby items that are a big fat waste of money!


1/            Cot bedding and bumpers!

I get it, they look fab and finish the look of the nursery, plus all the shops sell them so everyone must buy them, right? – Wrong!  The second you get baby home the midwife will take one look at them and ask for them to be removed for the safety of the baby.  If we’d had time to go through all the leaflets and booklets that we’re handed out in our bounty pack, we might have seen that it’s recommended not to use them as they can cause suffocation.  So that’s them off the cot and £££ wasted.


2/            Nappy stacker

Again, these look great in a newly decorated nursery and match all the lovely soft furnishings.  However, I didn’t find them very useful.  Most modern nappy boxes and bags are designed to dispense nappies one at a time in a tidy and convenient way – and I found it much less hassle to take the nappy straight from the box.


3/            Swaddle Pod

Some babies love to be swaddled but at around £15 they’re pretty expensive for something you can do with a blanket.  I fell into this trap, and bought a few for my second baby after my first loved to be swaddled, so I thought this was the perfect solution – well, he hated them and I could of saved myself £45 by testing out a blanket first!  Lesson learnt.


4/            Stuffed Toy Animals

Oh my goodness, I remember buying the first stuffed giraffe for our daughter (before she was born) and being super excited imagining a select few cute stuffed animals on a shelf in her nursery.  Well, these just multiplied quickly!  Everyone loves to buy stuffed animals and you know what, they don’t do anything except clutter up your home.


5/            Top and Tail bowl

I’d never heard of these until I was standing in a department store 8 months pregnant thinking it was the only thing I hadn’t bought!  These baby washing bowls have two compartments, one for baby’s top half and one for their bottom half.  If I’d thought about it for longer than a second I could have just used 2 separate bowls, saving myself £10.


Now I’m guessing not everyone will agree and I’m sure some of the items above have been useful for some parents and they wouldn’t be without them.  These are just my top five and maybe I would still have bought them with the above advice.  Whatever your opinion, I’m sure you will end up buying something that you barely use and curse the clever marketing for letting you think you needed it in your life.

If you have any useless stuff that is at the back of a cupboard somewhere, we’d love to hear from you, please do share back on our Facebook page.

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