In pregnancy, your core body temperature is a bit higher than normal owing to a combination of hormonal changes, increased blood flow and the heat produced by the process of growing a tiny human. As a result, during these warm weather spells you can end up feeling extremely HOT.

A great way to refresh yourself is to hold both wrists, with your palms uppermost, under tepid running water for a few minutes. This gently cools your pulse points, where your blood is close to the surface, so decreasing your core temperature.
Controlling your breathing can also help you cool down. Pregnancy yoga classes are the ideal place to master the basics.

Stay hydrated
Apparently, during hot weather a pregnant woman should be drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day. Take a bottle of water with you everywhere you go and keep sipping it throughout the day (don’t go for ice cold water though) – cut back on the caffeine, which will make you feel more dehydrated.

What to wear
Wear something loose with natural fabric. Some mums-to-be feel most comfortable in men’s boxer shorts, so it could be time to raid your partner’s underwear drawer. Otherwise, just keep it cotton …

Aim for the shade
Your skin is likely to be more sensitive to sun during pregnancy, so you need to be even more careful than normal. Use a sunscreen with SPF30 or more and at least four UVA stars, which will be indicated on the label and wear a wide brimmed hat.

Too hot at night?
If you are finding it too hot in the night, try a Gel’O Cool Pillow Mat, (about £25 from Amazon). Place it in the fridge in the day and then slip it under your pillowcase to disperse heat away from your head during the night.
Use a fan but choose one with variable speeds, so you can leave it on a quiet setting through the night. Stand a two-litre bottle of frozen water in front of it for instant air-conditioning.

Exercise in water
It is advisable to avoid strenuous exercise in hot weather, so a workout in the water is an ideal solution: cooling, toning and energizing all at the same time. Put your name down for an aqua-natal exercise class at your local swimming pool and let the water help support your bump for a while – it can be great fun too.

Take care and enjoy your pregnancy.

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